Routine Dental Treatments

January 12, 2017 - dentalclinicchain

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We celebrate momentous occasions throughout the year – birthdays, anniversaries and festivals. In fact, almost every date in a calendar year has become a day to celebrate! Apart from the national and religious festivals, there are many unique ‘days’ celebrated across the globe. National Toothache Day, National Tooth Fairy Day, World Smile Day and National Dentist Day are examples of such unique days, observed for a dental cause.

National Dentist Day is today, March 6. Though the origin of this day remains unknown, it is an occasion to celebrate all dentists. And the best way to celebrate dentists is to make them happy by practicing what they preach.

Things to do to make your dentist happy and keep your teeth healthy:

Brush your teeth, twice a day for two minutes using toothpaste with fluoride.
Floss at least once a day.


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