Why Us?

1. All dental treatments and facilities available under one roof
2. Different dental procedures done by specialized dental surgeons
3. Trained staff
4. Strict sterilization procedures are used for the instruments
5. Treatment is done under proper hygienic conditions
6. Very much cost effective with quality
7. Highly advanced dental materials & instruments of international quality are used

Medical Services

1. Full mouth rehabilitation(with implants)
2. Cosmetic filling
3. Painless root canal treatment (by Rotary)
4. Zirconia
5. Orthodontist Treatment
6. Laser Dentistry

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Let's Know Us!

"Preventative dentistry & Oral Hygiene education” is our primary focus. Thus, Dr. Tarun's Dental believes in establishing a “dental home” early in life to address a child’s full set of oral health needs. “Most of our patients actually look forward to their visits", In fact, Dr. Tarun's Dental frequently hear from there clients parents that they wish we were their dentist when they were growing up.”

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Hospital History

Founded in 2010, Dr. Tarun's Dental offers a comprehensive menu of services. Dr. Tarun (Chairman) is leading Dr. Tarun's Dental in all kind of dental treatments including cosmetic dentistry, dental implant, and reconstructive dentistry.Dr. Tarun's Dental takes great pride in the creation of each new smile. Dr. Tarun's Dental has demonstrated a unique ability to balance the creative and technical sides of dentistry and is committed in providing the highest quality of dental care in a safe and nurturing environment, tailored to each individual’s unique dental, behavioral, and developmental needs. Dr. Tarun's Dental’ professional and experienced staff will pamper you with their “care, friendliness, and concern”.

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