Zirconia Services in Rohini, Delhi

Zirconia is a metal classified as a member of the titanium family and is mined around the world. It is found in dinnerware and electrical fixtures among other products. It’s known for its durability, making it an ideal product to use in dental crowns, especially posterior crowns that require a lot of strength for chewing and grinding food

There are two types of zirconia: solid and high translucent. Both of them can be made using the CAD CAM technology. CAD stands for Computer Aided Designing and CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing. These technologies give you a precise fit and unmatchable look.

Solid zirconia

1. As the name suggests solid zirconia is tougher compared to the high translucent zirconia. It can withstand chewing forces as well as bruxism forces better.
2. Solid zirconia also suits root canal treated teeth, by offering stronger support to weak teeth.
3. As it’s opaque, it’s more suited for posterior/ back teeth.

Zirconia crown

The fact that this material is biocompatible means that it is safe to stay within your mouth for a long time. There is no need to worry about any adverse / allergic reactions from your body because it is not rejected by the human body.

Treatment options are more varied now than ever. Conditions that were not possible to be treated can now be treated as a matter of course and there are now treatment options such as the Inman Aligner that provide fast more simplified treatment for straightening front teeth – especially useful in adults not wanting to go through longer full orthodontic treatments.

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